Alma de Trabanco Quinquina En Rama

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Alma de Trabanco is the first quinquina made with natural cider en rama, which means the cider is unfiltered. The process of filtering a cider’s naturally occurring sediment (called lees), can strip a cider of its character and quality. Alma respects the essence of natural cider, leaving the natural lees in the cider intact and without color correction, which is typical in most vermouths. The harmless sediment you will find in a bottle of Alma de Trabanco is a sign of the quality and authenticity of an aperitif made from natural cider.

Bottled at a refreshing and versatile fifteen percent alcohol, Alma is the perfect aperitif produced by the blending of en rama cider with white wine and various botanicals steeped in vinous alcohol. The primary botanicals in Alma de Trabanco include cinchona, wormwood, savory, gentian, artemisia, boldo, cinnamon, star anise, coriander, thyme, and vanilla. Fruits include cherry, orange peel, and lemon. The flavor profile is bright, refreshing, and satisfying; making Alma de Trabanco the perfect aperitif before a meal or base for your favorite session cocktail that calls for vermouth.

Alma is dynamic on the palate, starting with a burst of apple juice, spices and acidity, then opening into warm baked notes and a full, smooth texture.

"Those who love natural wines, ciders and en rama Sherry will want to try this boundary-pushing bottling. The base is an unfiltered apple cider, blended with white wine and flavored with bittering agents, spices, fruit and other botanicals. The end result sips like an intriguing spin on mead—it has a golden, slightly cloudy appearance and bold, golden raisin aroma. The palate suggests honey and dried fruit, finishing bitter and surprisingly brisk and dry, with a coriander exhale." - Wine Enthusiast