Pouring white wine

Kosher Wine Explained

Kosher wine is a type of wine that is produced according to Jewish dietary laws. The word "kosher" means "fit" or "proper" in Hebrew and refers to food and drink that is prepared and consumed in accordance with Jewish law.

To produce kosher wine, there are several requirements that must be met. First, only certain types of grapes can be used, and they must be grown, harvested, and processed under strict supervision. Second, the wine must be handled and processed only by observant Jews. Animal-based additives are not allowed, gelatin and casein are not permissible, nor bacteria, yeasts or enzymes be included. Finally, the wine must be stored and aged in a kosher facility. Hygiene standards are very strict and only new bottles are allowed to be used.

There has been an increase in demand for kosher wine in recent years, not only among Jewish consumers but also among non-Jewish consumers who are interested in trying something new or who are attracted to the perceived quality and craftsmanship of kosher wine. Some restaurants and wine shops also stock kosher wines to cater to customers who follow a kosher diet or are looking for a specific type of wine.

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