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Wine Serving and Storage

There are a variety of ways to store your wines to preserve, protect, and age them properly (Wine refrigerators / chillers, home wine cellars, a dark corner of a pantry or cabinet, etc.). No matter how you choose to store your wines, the goal is to:

  • Minimize exposure to light
  • Minimize exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Maintain a temperature of 55° to 58°F
  • Minimize exposure to strong odors
  • Minimize movement and vibration
  • Maintain an ideal humidity of 60 to 75%

Serving temperature is another consideration. Wine served too cold often lacks aroma and may taste sour. Wines served too hot may have a medicinal smell. Different wine varietals should be served at different temperatures--generally:

  • 38° to 45°F: Light White Wines; Sparkling Wines / Champagne
  • 45° to 55°F: Rich, White Wines; Fruity White Wines; Rosé
  • 55° to 60°F: Light Red Wines; Medium-Bodied Red Wines
  • 60° to 68°F: Medium-Bodied Red Wines; Rich, Full-Bodied Red Wines; Fortified Wines

Storing and Serving Wine

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