Carolindica Supernova D8 + THCO Gummies (50mg)

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Enjoy a Carolindica classic and dive head first into new blend with our tasty gummies! Our gummies are made from scratch by Carolindica, with the Delta 8 and THCO is infused from the beginning. This means no sticky teeth, lips or mouth. They are infused with Organic Sunflower Lecithin and a proprietary terpene blend to improve flavor and bioavailability, so your body feels stronger effects compared to your average edible! Each mg option refers to the amount of cannabinoid in each gummy.
Product Details
Dosage: 25mg of D8 and 25mg of THCO per gummy
Extraction Material: Hemp
Product Type: Gummy- Delicious homemade gummies with incredible flavors and a tasty texture.
Delta 9 THC: Less than 0.3%
Flavor: Available in 4 delicious assorted flavors
Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, water, citric acid, stevia, sunflower lecithin, corn starch, potassium sorbate, terpenes, flavoring (vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors) red 40, yellow lake 5, blue 1.

What is Delta 8?
Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol is naturally found in hemp in small quantities. It is extremely similar to weed, offering enjoyable and recognizable effects at a lower cost. However, there are subtle differences between the two compounds. The high associated with D8 is known to be about ⅔ as potent, as well as more clear-headed and energetic than weed. Also, many consumers have reported an absence of paranoia and anxiety felt when consuming D8, which are common side effects of weed.
How does THCO compare to Delta 8?
THCO is the acetylated version of delta 8, meaning that it is much stronger and more bioavailable than standard delta 8. This provides more intoxicating and psychoactive effects, resulting in an almost “spiritual” experience. As this is a new cannabinoid, not a lot is known about it, but we do know it has been reported to be up to 3 times stronger than even Delta 9 THC. This makes THCO perfect for those seeking recreational value from their hemp products.
What are the benefits of combining Delta 8 and THCO?
By combining these two cannabinoids, we reap the relaxing effects of Delta 8 as well as it’s quicker onset of 30-45 minutes. THCO is much more potent and stimulating, but has a longer onset than D8, around 1-2 hours. This means that the total peak of effects will be felt for a much longer period, ranging from 4-8 hours. With both cannabinoids, you benefit from most of the same effects that CBD offers (such as anti-inflammation), with the added psychoactive high comparable to Delta 9 found in weed.
Warning: Use Responsibly. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product

Fast Acting and More Effective
Carolindica products are specially formulated to provide faster effects, while being absorbed into the body more effectively. This is a result of our unique terpene blends, as well as other ingredients we add to increase bioavailability like lecithin. We want you to get your moneys worth out of every milligram of cannabinoids! You’ve never felt Delta 8 gummies quite like these!

What Makes Carolindica Products Special?
Carolindica offers unique formulations of cannabinoids and terpenes that you won’t find anywhere else. Even seemingly standard products have our own unique twist on them to drastically improve effects.
All products are handcrafted by Carolindica in small, precise batches with the highest attention to quality.
Is there something cool you want to try? Let us know in the order notes
Everything is derived from the wonderful hemp plant. Find relief with our potent, natural products.

The Carolindica Commitment
We are entirely dedicated to providing our customers with an impeccable shopping experience, as well the highest quality of products. Therefore, we commit ourselves to:
We stand by the quality of our products. If you ever have concerns or issues with the products you purchase, just let send us a message and we will make it right. At Carolindica your satisfaction is guaranteed.
We are here to be your resource and guide you on your cannabis journey. We understand that this industry develops quickly, and the vast amount of new and different products can get confusing. As we are constantly innovating, you will always find the newest products on here. We want you to know that our team is excited to guide and assist you with any questions, as we help you discover the incredible benefits hemp products can provide. Chat with us and see how we can help!

Usage Instructions:
Start off by eating one half of a Delta 8 gummy. Take gummies with food or eat within 10-30 minutes of taking them for best effects. The effects are noticeable after 40 minutes, but may not fully activate for up to 2 hours. Wait at least two hours before eating another gummy to fully gauge the effects. People taking more than 1 gummy should be aware that effects may linger into the next day.