Grigolli Bruno Germano Cabernet Sauvignon Trentino Superiore DOC

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To my father and all my ancestors who have passed on through generations their love of land and viticulture. Germano originates from our passion for viticulture. It is characterised by complex, persistent aromas with notes of ripe fruit and spices. To the palate it is balanced, full-bodied, highly persistent and it has got the right amount of tannin.

Since 1800 my ancestors have been passing on their love of land and viticulture. They bred cattle, grew wheat and tobacco and produced cheese, butter and wine for the family. Now we are proud to carry on this passion offering you our wines. Our aim is to enhance the value of the territory where we live, the vineyards, the microclimate and the winemaking process which has been handed down through generations.

The winery is situated in Mori Vecchio, a hilly area famous for viticulture and for the production of full-bodied red wines. The vineyards are set on terraced lands 'stolen' from steep woods above the town. The training system is 'Guyot semplice', typical of the classical Haut-Mèdoc grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The favourable microclimate of southern Vallagarina valley, which is characterised by considerable temperature range between day and night, and the south-east exposition contribute to reinforce berries skins, to make the flavours more intensive and to allow a perfect grape ripening.

Cabernet Sauvignon