Horizon de Bichot Chardonnay Limoux

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Nose: Starts off with notes of white flowers and citrus zest that awaken the senses that are further enhanced by hints of vineyard peach and hazelnut.

Palate: Flavours of fresh almonds and grapefruit are complemented by nuances of lily and vanilla on the finish. Energy and vivacity balance this rich wine that is reminiscent of the sea.


As early as 1831, Albert Bichot, a visionary and an explorer, travelled the world to introduce his great Burgundies to wine lovers. To perpetuate this PIONEERING spirit, we set out in search of new HORIZONS
Our quest was to discover exceptional TERROIRS in FRANCE that our EXPERTISE could take to new heights. This led us to Limoux in the south, a terroir that we chose for its unique diversity: four different yet complementary CLIMATES that offer subtle, well-balanced wines.
Above and beyond the HARMONY we were seeking, the innovative alliance of these terroirs holds the promise of infinite FREEDOM of expression and an always PLEASURABLE tasting experience.
We are proud to offer you our rendering of the VARIETALS that are king in Burgundy - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – which result in wines that offer an alliance of SUBTLETY, ELEGANCE, POWER and BODY.