Maz Caz Rose Costieres de Nimes

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PROFILE-Watermelon and cotton candy on the nose, with a dry yet smooth taste of blackberries and strawberries.

REGION- Costières de Nîmes A.O.C Southern Rhône, Rhone Valley, France.
GRAPES- 60% Grenache, 40% Syrah (*saignée)
VITICULTURE- Organically farmed, hand-picked fruit.
VINICULTURE- Grenache: 5 hours of skin contact; Syrah:6.5 hours of skin contact. Fermentation in 100% stainless steel tanks with natural yeast. No added sulfur.
ABV: 13.5%
PRODUCTION- 800 cases

Wine Maker-Michele D’Aprix

A few years ago, at a lunch table with friends, we tasted this wine — it was bright, fun, and completely refreshing. The wine totally complimented the food and good, honest farmers grew the grapes. The Grenache and Syrah in this blend hail from the
tippy-toes of the Southwestern Rhône Valley where the attitude and exposition are truly Mediterranean. The juice is fermented in steel with natural yeast and the wine is left unoaked.  They live longer down here for a reason. Many people tell the story of falling in love with a wine they had on vacation, and I know exactly what they’re talking about... it’s the moment you taste it: with great friends, alongside great food and no clock ticking. I love this wine. It has become my family’s favorite bottle to have on the Thanksgiving table down south every year.- Michele

Caz translates to “crazy in a good way,” a sentiment I have come to embrace as I branch out from Bordeaux, bringing you wines from new terroirs.-Michele

Costieres de Nimes