Paserene Rosie Rose

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TASTING NOTE: On the nose, the aromatics of our Rosie include fresh cherries with lashings of strawberries and cream. There is an undernote of rosewater and cinnamon, which provides a roundedness to an otherwise sweet wine.

Turning to the palate, there is a sugary, candyfloss note that brings you back for more. The dark cherry flavours counter this, and there is juicy, sour lime to offset the berry sweetness. It offers a more textured, mature palate due to the wine being fermented and aged in old oak barrels.

Varietals: Carignan, Mourvedre, Syrah

​ABV: 13.7%

Residual Sugar: 2.0 g/l

Our Rosie works well with soft cheese, like a Brie or Camembert, as this cuts through its inherent sweet nature. A homemade butter chicken curry paired with our Rosie will make for a memorable night. Fresh salmon is an ideal pairing, as is a light melon and parma ham dish or a bowl of herby, marinated olives.

About the Winery: Paserene is a boutique winery in Franschhoek, owned by Martin Smith and Ndabe Mareda, that produces high-end, luxury wines. With a strong emphasis on “sense of place and people”, we take great care to ensure all the wines we produce, the artwork on the labels, and the tasting experience is truly authentic and guarantee a lasting legacy. The name Paserene comes from the Latin word Passeriformes, the order of “travelling and free” birds containing swifts and swallows. 




South Africa