Patricia Green Hyland Vineyard Coury Clone Pinot Noir McMinnville

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This is one of the most historically revered and iconic vineyards in Oregon. Originally planted in 1973 on a steep hillside above Muddy River Rd. southwest of McMinnville, this vineyard was daring for its pitch, elevation and for the fact that it was well outside of the Dundee Hills where the vast majority of quality vineyards were being planted at the time. This wine is a rare combination of intensity from 30+ year-old vines, the unique flavor of Coury Clone paired with the texture of volcanic soil and structure commonly found in the McMinnville AVA. While the high elevation portends at a wine that will be lacy, red-fruited and silky the coast range proximity brings in weather patterns that create darker fruit profiles at lower brix and toughened skins lending both pigmentation and heightened levels of back-palate tannins. This is a serious and substantial wine from one of Oregon’s amazing, old vineyard sites. We are only just getting started here and have already found a special touch with this wine. This wine is the backbone of a healthy and deep wine cellar.

This wine’s stature comes from the combination of site characteristics and clone that are extremely rare in Oregon. The way they present themselves set them apart from all of our other wines. We strive to find unique places so that we can craft a large number of wines that are all very distinct. In this case we have found a block within a large site that offers us the ability to have a wine that feints at both being lean, austere, demure and tightly wound as well as being rich, broad-shouldered, structured, dense and provocative. At least in its youth that is the vibe it is giving off and the type of elasticity that it has. Few wines bring such an ability to move from both sides of the spectrum effortlessly with intent.

Pinot Noir