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Gnista Floral Wormwood Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Gnista Floral Wormwood Non-Alcoholic Spirit


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    Product Details

    Brand: Gnista

    Size: 500ml

    Country: Sweden

    Aromatic and fresh on the nose, then bitter tones of wormwood and green herbs, hints of orange peel and a floral finish. Non-alcoholic.
    Use as usual. As a base for non-alcoholic cocktails, over ice with a tonic or savour on its own as an aperitif.

    Gnista is best described as a complex and intense non-alcoholic drink that resembles a fine spirit like an amaro. Just like any spirit it can be sipped neat as well as used as a bas for no/low alcoholic cocktails (mocktails). Gnista has been made possible through a unique combination of gastronomy, food tech and classic spirit making techniques, where distillation, brewing and barrel aging are central. It’s crafted by hand and in small batches in Skåne, Sweden.

    Water, rhubarb juice, beet syrup, dried spices & fruit (raisins, ginger, oak, wormwood, chamomille, black pepper, lovage), infusions made from (almond, orange, oregano, juniper, stair anise, habanero), sea salt, preserved by sodium sorbate and sodium benzoate, distillates from botanicals (orange peel, star anise, juniper, rose)

    Allergen: Almond
    Nutrition (per 100 g)
    Energy 247 kJ/59 kcal
    Fat 0.1 g
    – Of which saturated 0 g
    Carbohydrate 13.8 g
    – Of which sugars 13.8 g
    Protein 0.3 g
    Salt 0.02 g

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