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Save $30 on 6pk Krasno Pinot Noir Goriska Brda

Save $30 on 6pk Krasno Pinot Noir Goriska Brda



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A wine with character – full-bodied with a warm ending. Over the centuries, heroic winegrowers have tenaciously terraced the steep marl slopes below the little village of Krasno to plant their vines. This unique land produces distinctly mineral authentic wines, with a character only found in Slovenia’s Goriška Brda region.

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir

Aroma: mature red fruit, berries

Taste: mature fruit, nicely expressed tannins; pleasantly soft with a full body and a warm ending

Food pairing: duck breast, tuna, risotto with mushrooms, smoked salmon

Aging potential: up to 15 years

Origin: Brda

Vineyard age: more than 20 years

Soil type: loam

Climate: sub-Mediterranean with warm air from the sea and cool winds from the Alps

Fermentation: 100% in French barrique barrels

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    Size: 750ml, Country: Slovenia,

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