Turmeon Vermouth Rose

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Part of its peculiarity lays on the wine that is used for its production, this wine has been matured during more than 80 years on barrels (Pipas in Spanish) that our grandfather (the Pipas man) built with his own hands. Every time that the Vermut is drunk, a little part of the original wine is being drunk at the same time. Infused with traditional herbs and spices but with added cherries, strawberries and raspberries. On top of that, they have developed the first animated label in the world!

Literally a bottled wine cocktail, all this needs is ice and a slice of citrus. Completely addictive and insanely balanced. In Spain, it is quite normal for two people to sit down with a bottle of vermouth and ice and drink the bottle together. Great with soda as well. Served cold and keep refrigerated if you do not finish it.