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Paolo Petrilli Organic Occhi Di Lupo 500g

Paolo Petrilli Organic Occhi Di Lupo 500g

Paolo Petrilli

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To produce pasta we grow three Italian varieties of wheat, Hathor and Senatore Cappelli. They have different and complementary characteristics.
We experimented and cultivated them for a long time using organic methods. Hathor has protein and gives pasta extraordinary quality of gluten, Senatore Cappelli gives an intense perfume and unique nutritional properties.
The wheat is milled very slowly, the grain of the semolina is thick, and the extraction yield is low. An artisan pasta maker transforms the bran into pasta, passing it through a bronze die and drying at low temperatures in small cells.

The connection to the land is strong: we grow using organic farming methods since 1988 in Motta della Regina, an ancient settlement located here, in Lucera.
We have retrieved some native varieties of seed, gave up too much yield per hectare and the use of chemicals, to develop a sustainable production system, in which exploit the natural fertility of the land and encourage biodiversity of the environment.
In addition to tomatoes and grapes, we produce organic durum wheat.
We are committed at all stages of production and in the choice of our partners, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.

500g = 1.1lb

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