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Laconiko Herb de Provence Olive Oil 375ml

Laconiko Herb de Provence Olive Oil 375ml


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Herb de Provence is an extremely popular dressing used in the Provence region of Southern France. This is a unique blend of thyme, basil, lavender, tarragon, rosemary, fennel, and savory. This unique blend of herbs will make any dish bolder in flavor and taste divine. You cannot go wrong with this versatile extra virgin olive oil which tastes amazing over roasted chicken, seafood, soups, and drizzled over your pizza dough just to name a few!

Another winner, RANKED THE 13TH BEST FLAVORED OLIVE OIL IN THE WORLD by the EVOOWR with over 6 international awards!

Award winning!!!

Over 200 Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards

We assure that our quality standards that we use for our estate oils is applied in all our flavored olive oils, this is why our flavored olive oils have been recognized for their quality in so many international olive oils competitions. We take no shortcuts in our process, all our flavored olive oils go through rigorous testing to assure we have the necessary polyphenol count we demand, to make them not only extremely flavorful but super healthy as well.

We at Laconiko certify that our olive oil is firstly graded as extra virgin olive oil, made with healthy green olive oil fruit crushed at their peak to maximize
polyphenol content, before our olive oil is flavored.

We use the highest quality oils made from whole fruits/herbs which are cold crushed at their peak and extracted using a centrifuge, the same process used to make our olive oil, before cold fusing/blending them with our awarded extra virgin olive oil.

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