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Epilogue X Non-alcoholic Spirit

Epilogue X Non-alcoholic Spirit


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    Product Details

    Brand: Abstinence Spirits

    Size: 700ml

    Country: South Africa

    A blend of peated, smoked and dark toasted malt that is married with spice botanicals and South African Honeybush. For those who love the peaty, smoky flavor of scotch cocktails, this one's for you. (Though please note that it will not drink the same on the rocks.)

    Add some ice and top with soda or mix with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime. If you are really trying to impress, it is perfect for a non-alcoholic Old Fashioned. Or for a decadent treat, mix with honey and vanilla oat milk over ice.

    Botanicals: Smoked Peated and Blended Malts, Oak, Honeybush, Vanilla, Cassia, Cardamom, Clove, Helichrysum Petiolare (Impepho)



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