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Melchiori Alpino Apple Cider 500ml

Melchiori Alpino Apple Cider 500ml


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For the production of Melchiori Alpino Bio craft apple cider we select mainly yellow organic apples. A round, balanced cider from organic farming - sparkling, but not too acidic.

It is delicate, medium sweet and aromatic.

Perlage: fine and persistent

Pairings: excellent substitute for beer, perfect as an aperitif but also throughout the evening, during the meal it goes well with first courses and desserts.

ABV: 5%

The Melchiori family business from Trentino in South Tyrol attaches great importance to using apples from the region and does not use juice concentrates or the addition of CO². The contained carbonic acid is produced naturally by a second fermentation.

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Vendor/Brand: Melchiori

Size: 500ml

Country: Italy


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