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Rumish Non-Alcoholic Spirit Rum

Rumish Non-Alcoholic Spirit Rum

Ish Spirits

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Caramel, vanilla and nutmeg. They’re the familiar, rich and warming notes of rum you can expect when enjoying our alcohol-free RumISH. Natural botanicals such as Madagascar vanilla and nutmeg along with baked apple create the lush, complex flavor of RumISH and a unique distillate using the shells from chili seeds to provide that satisfying heat we love. It’s a decadent way to enjoy your favorite rum drinks like daiquiris and mojitos while also being a mindful drinker. Like you, we couldn’t imagine a world without daiquiris, so we created RumISH, our alcohol-free rum.

Non-alcoholic rum (<0,5%)
Made from natural ingredients
Zero sugar
Ultra-low calories: 6 kcal/100 ml

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