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$150 Flat Price Custom Case of Wine

$150 Flat Price Custom Case of Wine



Reg. Price $150.00
Reg. Price SALE Price $150.00

MSRP: $220.00 USD

Wine Mix
    • DELIVERY OPTIONS: Shipped to USA States Where Legal, Local Delivery, and Store Pickup

    Product Details

    Size per bottle: 750ml

    Replenish your wine rack today and try some excellent wines. We will curate a selection of 12 import and domestic wines (you choose mixed, all red, or all white) for you. With a retail value of $180 - $220 at a cost of $150 to you, this is a great opportunity to explore and sample a mystery box of quality wines.

    → How Flat Price Packs and Cases Work

    1. Choose from available Flat Price amounts and/or theme (ex. $100 Case of Wine", "all Reds", "Wines for BBQ 3pk").

    2. Our staff expertly selects wines that match the theme. The total case or pack retail value will save you from 15% to 40% per bottle.

    3. Your custom pack or case can be shipped, locally delivered, or picked up from our stores.

    Note: Most packs/cases will have different selections (bottles will rarely be duplicated). Unless it is apart of a specific theme, wines selected will be still wines (not sparkling).

    Why Buy a "Blind" Case / Pack?

    1. Curated Selection: Our team carefully curates wine selections for each theme, ensuring you get a diverse and exciting assortment of wines. Let us do the choosing for you and discover new wines you might not have considered before.

    2. Exceptional Savings: With our flat price wine cases and packs, you'll enjoy significant savings, ranging from 15% to 40% off the total retail value per bottle. It's a fantastic way to get high-quality wines at a fraction of the cost.

    3. Convenience: Ordering is a breeze. You can choose from available flat price amounts or themes that suit your preferences. Plus, we offer flexible delivery options, including shipping, local delivery, or in-store pickup.

    4. No Duplicates: We understand the value of variety. In most cases, you won't find duplicated bottles, ensuring a unique and diverse tasting experience with each selection.

    5. Discover New Favorites: Trying something new can be intimidating, but our "blind" wine packs and cases offer an exciting opportunity to explore different wines and expand your palate. The cost savings might just encourage you to be more adventurous in your wine choices.

    6. Perfect for Various Occasions: Whether you're hosting a BBQ, looking for all-red wines, or just want to enjoy a case of wine, we have a theme for every occasion. It's an ideal way to stock up for special events or for everyday enjoyment. Some are limited edition, so don't delay.

    7. Expert Recommendations: Our team's expertise guarantees that you're getting quality wines that match the theme you select. You can trust our recommendations to deliver a delightful wine experience.

    8. Great Gift Option: Our blind wine packs and cases also make for wonderful gifts. Surprise someone special with a thoughtfully curated selection of wines, and they'll appreciate the unique and thoughtful present.

    Dietary Claims, Ingredients, & Other Product Attributes

    We make every effort to accurately describe the wines we sell, including any claims made by the wineries regarding the wine's ingredients, additives, or production methods. However, we cannot independently verify the accuracy of these claims. When wineries label their wines as "low sugar," "gluten free," "low sulfites," or any other claim, we rely on the information provided to us and simply label the wines as we are told. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in these claims. It is always recommended that customers consult with their healthcare professional if they have any concerns or questions about the ingredients in the wines they are purchasing.

    Shipping Wine

    • Shipments may also be delayed due to weather conditions🌡.
    • The shipping rate will be based on the weight of the contents. A case of wine weighs approximately 40lbs.
    • Someone 21 or older must be available to sign for the wine shipment.
    • Read more about Wine Shipping.
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