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Joannes Bozja Oka Riesling

Joannes Bozja Oka Riesling


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Product Details

Brand: Rise Over Run

Size: 750ml

Country: Slovenia

Varietal: Riesling



ABV %: 12.6

Tasting Note: Riesling “Božja oka” (translated to “God’s Eye) is named after the top point of the Protner family’s high-elevation vineyards, looking over all of the surrounding slopes. This wine is fermented with native yeast and aged on the less in concrete egg, delivering a mouth-wateringly lush, textured and mineral-driven expression of Riesling. Layered and complex aromatics with notes of lemongrass, arugula and honeyed bried. Palate is oily with tremendous mineral texture and length. Bright acidity but well balanced from the concrete aging.

Varietal: 100% Riesling

ABV: 12.6%

Viticulture: Practicing Organic

Food pairing:  Enjoy chilled with hearty Styrian dishes, schnitzel and creamy mushroom soup, funky cheeses and charcuterie, hearty-grain breads, and richer cuts of sashimi like toro or mackerel.

Location: Appellation: Lower Styria (Štajerska): Semperska Gorca / Celestrina-Slovenia

About: House Joannes Protner is located five kilometers from the centre of Maribor, in the direction of Malečnik. Run by Boštjan Protner and his wife, Mojca, they are now heavily assisted by their children Martin, Katarina and Ana. Ana was recently awarded the title of Slovenian Wine Queen in 2021. The family has been devoted to viticulture for over three decades and now have a total of 18 hectares of vineyards.  

The family focuses almost entirely on various expressions of Riesling, predominantly Renski (aka Rhein Riesling/Rizling - from German origin) Riesling - as opposed to the commonly found Welschriesling (aka Laški Riesling). Rieslings excel in this terroir and microclimate and deliver an unrivaled Slovenian complex expression. They also produce small amounts of sparkling wines, other aromatic whites (Welschriesling, Muscat, etc.), and small amounts of a fantastic Pinot Noir. 

"Our family believes there's truth in the wine. In our veils, stories about our land and our family are intertwined, stories of effort, suffering, the struggle to live, and the stories of love that bind us so passionately. We believe this story flows in every glass of our wine."

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