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Saga Sake Yano Umami Aged Kimoto Junmai

Saga Sake Yano Umami Aged Kimoto Junmai

Triangle Wine Company


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    Size: 720ml, Country: Japan, Varietal: , Appellation:

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          This rare Koshu (aged) sake is brewed by traditional techniques using the wild microorganisms living in the brewery and aged at ambient brewery temperature. This classical style displays rich, toothsome character and plentiful umami, set in harmonious balance against chewy acidity smoothed through the aging process. The nose has notes of vanilla, nuts, and spices. Please drink without chilling.

          Food Pairings: Lamp chop, spicy curry, sautéd mushrooms with chicken liver and pesto, chocolate, vanilla ice cream

          Grade- Junmai

          Rice Variety- Kitashizuku

          ABV: 16%

          Polishing Ratio: 75%

          SMV: +5

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